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Who's Sarah?

My name is Sarah Shaw and I am a dancer and musical theater performer currently living in NYC. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Dance, Psychology, and Arts Administration from Skidmore College. I launched Sarah Gets Reel because I am passionate about using my 5+ years of experience as a professional in the musical theatre and dance industries to help other performers put their best foot forward with their submission materials.


The Reel Deel

Reels are a necessity in any performer's repertoire. These days, casting teams are accepting video footage as a primary means of auditioning. Coming from personal experience, it's better to it's better to be prepared than to be caught in a situation where you're scrambling to film and edit something at the last minute! My hope is for performers to be proud to submit their materials--not cringing every time they hit "send". 

Creating a reel is like choreographing a dance. As a dancer myself, I approach building a reel as an opportunity to set a new work. Utilizing raw footage, I piece together choreography that showcases each performer's strengths and talents. I bring my own artistry, musicality, and creative expression to build a movie trailer starring you. 



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